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The address of this routine is derived from an offset found in the command class table.
This routine is used by PLOT, DRAW and CIRCLE statements in order to specify the default conditions of 'FLASH 8; BRIGHT 8; PAPER 8;' that are set up before any embedded colour items are considered.
CLASS_09 1CBE CALL SYNTAX_Z Jump forward if checking syntax.
1CC1 JR Z,CL_09_1
1CC3 RES 0,(IY+$02) Signal 'main screen' (reset bit 0 of TV-FLAG).
1CC7 CALL TEMPS Set the temporary colours for the main screen.
1CCA LD HL,$5C90 This is MASK-T.
1CCD LD A,(HL) Fetch its present value but keep only its INK part 'unmasked'.
1CD0 LD (HL),A Restore the value which now indicates 'FLASH 8; BRIGHT 8; PAPER 8;'.
1CD1 RES 6,(IY+$57) Also ensure NOT 'PAPER 9' (reset bit 6 of P-FLAG).
1CD5 RST $18 Fetch the present character before continuing to deal with embedded colour items.
CL_09_1 1CD6 CALL CO_TEMP_2 Deal with the locally dominant colour items.
1CD9 JR CLASS_08 Now get the first two operands for PLOT, DRAW or CIRCLE.
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