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5C91: P-FLAG - More flags
Read by the routines at PO_ANY, PO_ATTR and PLOT, and updated by the routines at PO_RIGHT, PO_SCR, TEMPS, OUT_FLASH, CLASS_07, CLASS_09 and CO_TEMP_1. This system variable is accessed by some routines via the IY register at IY+$57.
Bit Description
0 OVER bit (temporary)
1 OVER bit (permanent)
2 INVERSE bit (temporary)
3 INVERSE bit (permanent)
4 INK 9 if set (temporary)
5 INK 9 if set (permanent)
6 PAPER 9 if set (temporary)
7 PAPER 9 if set (permanent)
P_FLAG 5C91 DEFB $00
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