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This set of routines can be readily divided into two parts:
  • i. The embedded colour item' handler.
  • ii. The 'colour system variable' handler.
i. Embedded colour items are handled by calling PRINT_A_1 as required.
A loop is entered to handle each item in turn. The entry point is at CO_TEMP_2.
CO_TEMP_1 08673 RST 32 Consider the next character in the BASIC statement.
This entry point is used by the routine at CLASS_09.
CO_TEMP_2 08674 CALL CO_TEMP_3 Jump forward to see if the present code represents an embedded 'temporary' colour item. Return carry set if not a colour item.
08677 RET C
08678 RST 24 Fetch the present character.
08679 CP "," Jump back if it is either a ',' or a ';'; otherwise there has been an error.
08681 JR Z,CO_TEMP_1
08683 CP ";"
08685 JR Z,CO_TEMP_1
08687 JP REPORT_C Exit via 'report C'.
This entry point is used by the routine at PR_ITEM_1.
CO_TEMP_3 08690 CP 217 Return with the carry flag set if the code is not in the range 217 to 222 (INK to OVER).
08692 RET C
08693 CP 223
08695 CCF
08696 RET C
08697 PUSH AF The colour item code is preserved whilst CH-ADD is advanced to address the parameter that follows it.
08698 RST 32
08699 POP AF
This entry point is used by the routine at CLASS_07.
The colour item code and the parameter are now 'printed' by calling PRINT_A_1 on two occasions.
CO_TEMP_4 08700 SUB 201 The token range (217 to 222) is reduced to the control character range (16 to 21).
08702 PUSH AF The control character code is preserved whilst the parameter is moved to the calculator stack.
08703 CALL CLASS_06
08706 POP AF
08707 AND A A return is made at this point if syntax is being checked.
08711 PUSH AF The control character code is preserved whilst the parameter is moved to the D register.
08715 LD D,A
08716 POP AF
08717 RST 16 The control character is sent out.
08718 LD A,D Then the parameter is fetched and sent out before returning.
08719 RST 16
08720 RET
This entry point is used by the routine at PO_TV_2.
ii. The colour system variables - ATTR-T, MASK-T and P-FLAG - are altered as required. On entry the control character code is in the A register and the parameter is in the D register.
Note that all changes are to the 'temporary' system variables.
CO_TEMP_5 08721 SUB 17 Reduce the range and jump forward with INK and PAPER.
08723 ADC A,0
08725 JR Z,CO_TEMP_7
08727 SUB 2 Reduce the range once again and jump forward with FLASH and BRIGHT.
08729 ADC A,0
08731 JR Z,CO_TEMP_C
The colour control code will now be 1 for INVERSE and 2 for OVER and the system variable P-FLAG is altered accordingly.
08733 CP 1 Prepare to jump with OVER.
08735 LD A,D Fetch the parameter.
08736 LD B,1 Prepare the mask for OVER.
08738 JR NZ,CO_TEMP_6 Now jump.
08740 RLCA Bit 2 of the A register is to be reset for INVERSE 0 and set for INVERSE 1; the mask is to have bit 2 set.
08741 RLCA
08742 LD B,4
CO_TEMP_6 08744 LD C,A Save the A register whilst the range is tested.
08745 LD A,D The correct range for INVERSE and OVER is only '0-1'.
08746 CP 2
08750 LD A,C Restore the A register.
08751 LD HL,23697 It is P-FLAG that is to be changed.
08754 JR CO_CHANGE Exit via CO_CHANGE and alter P-FLAG using B as a mask, i.e. bit 0 for OVER and bit 2 for INVERSE.
PAPER and INK are dealt with by the following routine. On entry the carry flag is set for INK.
CO_TEMP_7 08756 LD A,D Fetch the parameter.
08757 LD B,7 Prepare the mask for INK.
08759 JR C,CO_TEMP_8 Jump forward with INK.
08761 RLCA Multiply the parameter for PAPER by eight.
08762 RLCA
08763 RLCA
08764 LD B,56 Prepare the mask for PAPER.
CO_TEMP_8 08766 LD C,A Save the parameter in the C register whilst the range of the parameter is tested.
08767 LD A,D Fetch the original value.
08768 CP 10 Only allow PAPER/INK a range of '0' to '9'.
08770 JR C,CO_TEMP_9
This entry point is used by the routine at BORDER.
Report K - Invalid colour.
REPORT_K 08772 RST 8 Call the error handling routine.
08773 DEFB 19
Continue to handle PAPER and INK.
CO_TEMP_9 08774 LD HL,23695 Prepare to alter ATTR-T, MASK-T and P-FLAG.
08777 CP 8 Jump forward with PAPER/INK '0' to '7'.
08779 JR C,CO_TEMP_B
08781 LD A,(HL) Fetch the current value of ATTR-T and use it unchanged, by jumping forward, with PAPER/INK '8'.
08782 JR Z,CO_TEMP_A
08784 OR B But for PAPER/INK '9' the PAPER and INK colours have to be black and white.
08785 CPL
08786 AND 36
08788 JR Z,CO_TEMP_A Jump for black INK/PAPER, but continue for white INK/PAPER.
08790 LD A,B
CO_TEMP_A 08791 LD C,A Move the value to the C register.
The mask (B) and the value (C) are now used to change ATTR-T.
CO_TEMP_B 08792 LD A,C Move the value.
08793 CALL CO_CHANGE Now change ATTR-T as needed.
Next MASK-T is considered.
08796 LD A,7 The bits of MASK-T are set only when using PAPER/INK '8' or '9'.
08798 CP D
08799 SBC A,A
08800 CALL CO_CHANGE Now change MASK-T as needed.
Next P-FLAG is considered.
08803 RLCA The appropriate mask is built up in the B register in order to change bits 4 and 6 as necessary.
08804 RLCA
08805 AND 80
08807 LD B,A
08808 LD A,8 The bits of P-FLAG are set only when using PAPER/INK '9'. Continue into CO_CHANGE to manipulate P-FLAG.
08810 CP D
08811 SBC A,A
The following subroutine is used to 'impress' upon a system variable the 'nature' of the bits in the A register. The B register holds a mask that shows which bits are to be 'copied over' from A to (HL).
CO_CHANGE 08812 XOR (HL) The bits, specified by the mask in the B register, are changed in the value and the result goes to form the system variable.
08813 AND B
08814 XOR (HL)
08815 LD (HL),A
08816 INC HL Move on to address the next system variable.
08817 LD A,B Return with the mask in the A register.
08818 RET
FLASH and BRIGHT are handled by the following routine.
CO_TEMP_C 08819 SBC A,A The zero flag will be set for BRIGHT.
08820 LD A,D The parameter is fetched and rotated.
08821 RRCA
08822 LD B,128 Prepare the mask for FLASH.
08824 JR NZ,CO_TEMP_D Jump forward with FLASH.
08826 RRCA Rotate an extra time and prepare the mask for BRIGHT.
08827 LD B,64
CO_TEMP_D 08829 LD C,A Save the value in the C register.
08830 LD A,D Fetch the parameter and test its range; only '0', '1' and '8' are allowable.
08831 CP 8
08833 JR Z,CO_TEMP_E
08835 CP 2
The system variable ATTR-T can now be altered.
CO_TEMP_E 08839 LD A,C Fetch the value.
08840 LD HL,23695 This is ATTR-T.
08843 CALL CO_CHANGE Now change the system variable.
The value in MASK-T is now considered.
08846 LD A,C The value is fetched anew.
08847 RRCA The set bit of FLASH/BRIGHT '8' (bit 3) is moved to bit 7 (for FLASH) or bit 6 (for BRIGHT).
08848 RRCA
08849 RRCA
08850 JR CO_CHANGE Exit via CO_CHANGE.
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