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This subroutine is called from the PRINT_2 and INPUT routines.
The various types of print item are identified and printed.
PR_ITEM_1 08188 RST 24 The first character is fetched.
08189 CP 172 Jump forward unless it is an 'AT'.
08191 JR NZ,PR_ITEM_2
Now deal with an 'AT'.
08193 CALL NEXT_2NUM The two parameters are transferred to the calculator stack.
08196 CALL UNSTACK_Z Return now if checking syntax.
08199 CALL STK_TO_BC The parameters are compressed into the BC register pair.
08202 LD A,22 The A register is loaded with the AT control character before the jump is taken.
08204 JR PR_AT_TAB
Next look for a 'TAB'.
PR_ITEM_2 08206 CP 173 Jump forward unless it is a 'TAB'.
08208 JR NZ,PR_ITEM_3
Now deal with a 'TAB'.
08210 RST 32 Get the next character.
08211 CALL CLASS_06 Transfer one parameter to the calculator stack.
08214 CALL UNSTACK_Z Return now if checking syntax.
08217 CALL FIND_INT2 The value is compressed into the BC register pair.
08220 LD A,23 The A register is loaded with the TAB control character.
The 'AT' and the 'TAB' print items are printed by making three calls to PRINT_A_1.
PR_AT_TAB 08222 RST 16 Print the control character.
08223 LD A,C Follow it with the first value.
08224 RST 16
08225 LD A,B Finally print the second value, then return.
08226 RST 16
08227 RET
Next consider embedded colour items.
PR_ITEM_3 08228 CALL CO_TEMP_3 Return with carry reset if colour items were found. Continue if none were found.
08231 RET NC
08232 CALL STR_ALTER Next consider if the stream is to be changed.
08235 RET NC Continue unless it was altered.
The print item must now be an expression, either numeric or string.
08236 CALL SCANNING Evaluate the expression but return now if checking syntax.
08242 BIT 6,(IY+1) Test for the nature of the expression (bit 6 of FLAGS).
08246 CALL Z,STK_FETCH If it is a string then fetch the necessary parameters; but if it is numeric then exit via PRINT_FP.
A loop is now set up to deal with each character in turn of the string.
PR_STRING 08252 LD A,B Return now if there are no characters remaining in the string; otherwise decrease the counter.
08253 OR C
08254 DEC BC
08255 RET Z
08256 LD A,(DE) Fetch the code and increment the pointer.
08257 INC DE
08258 RST 16 The code is printed and a jump taken to consider any further characters.
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