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This subroutine is called by the LPRINT and INPUT command routines.
PRINT_2 08159 RST 24 Get the first character.
08160 CALL PR_END_Z Jump forward if already at the end of the item list.
08163 JR Z,PRINT_4
Now enter a loop to deal with the 'position controllers' and the print items.
PRINT_3 08165 CALL PR_POSN_1 Deal with any consecutive position controllers.
08168 JR Z,PRINT_3
08170 CALL PR_ITEM_1 Deal with a single print item.
08173 CALL PR_POSN_1 Check for further position controllers and print items until there are none left.
08176 JR Z,PRINT_3
PRINT_4 08178 CP ")" Return now if the present character is a ')'; otherwise consider performing a 'carriage return'.
08180 RET Z
This routine continues into PRINT_CR.
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