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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
The parameter of the BORDER command is used with an 'OUT' command to actually alter the colour of the border. The parameter is then saved in the system variable BORDCR.
BORDER 08852 CALL FIND_INT1 The parameter is fetched and its range is tested.
08855 CP 8
08859 OUT (254),A The 'OUT' instruction is then used to set the border colour.
08861 RLCA The parameter is then multiplied by eight.
08862 RLCA
08863 RLCA
08864 BIT 5,A Is the border colour a 'light' colour?
08866 JR NZ,BORDER_1 Jump if so (the INK colour will be black).
08868 XOR 7 Change the INK colour to white.
BORDER_1 08870 LD (23624),A Set the system variable (BORDCR) as required and return.
08873 RET
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