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369B: THE 'END-CALC' SUBROUTINE (offset +38)
The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called via the calculator literal +38 by the routines at BEEP, OPEN, FETCH_NUM, IF_CMD, FOR, NEXT, NEXT_LOOP, CIRCLE, DRAW, CD_PRMS1, S_RND, S_PI, S_LETTER, LET, DEC_TO_FP, STACK_BC, INT_TO_FP, e_to_fp, FP_TO_BC, LOG_2_A, PRINT_FP, series, compare, n_mod_m, int, exp, ln, get_argt, sin, tan, atn, asn, acs, sqr and to_power.
This subroutine ends a RST $28 operation.
end_calc 369B POP AF The return address to the calculator (RE_ENTRY) is discarded.
369C EXX Instead, the address in HL' is put on the machine stack and an indirect jump is made to it. HL' will now hold any earlier address in the calculator chain of addresses.
369D EX (SP),HL
369E EXX
369F RET Finished.
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