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The address of this routine is derived from an offset found in the scanning function table.
S_RND 25F8 CALL SYNTAX_Z Unless syntax is being checked, jump to calculate a random number.
25FD LD BC,($5C76) Fetch the current value of SEED.
2601 CALL STACK_BC Put it on the calculator stack.
2604 RST $28 Now use the calculator.
2605 DEFB $A1 stk_one
2606 DEFB $0F addition: The 'last value' is now SEED+1.
2607 DEFB $34 stk_data: Put the number 75 on the calculator stack.
2608 DEFB $37,$16
260A DEFB $04 multiply: 'last value' (SEED+1)*75.
260B DEFB $34 stk_data: Put the number 65537 on the calculator stack.
260C DEFB $80,$41,$00,$00,$80
2611 DEFB $32 n_mod_m: Divide (SEED+1)*75 by 65537 to give a 'remainder' and an 'answer'.
2612 DEFB $02 delete: Discard the 'answer'.
2613 DEFB $A1 stk_one
2614 DEFB $03 subtract: The 'last value' is now 'remainder' - 1.
2615 DEFB $31 duplicate: Make a copy of the 'last value'.
2616 DEFB $38 end_calc: The calculation is finished.
2617 CALL FP_TO_BC Use the 'last value' to give the new value for SEED.
261A LD ($5C76),BC
261E LD A,(HL) Fetch the exponent of 'last value'.
261F AND A Jump forward if the exponent is zero.
2622 SUB $10 Reduce the exponent, i.e. divide 'last value' by 65536 to give the required 'last value'.
2624 LD (HL),A
S_RND_END 2625 JR S_PI_END Jump past the S_PI routine.
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