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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
This command routine is entered with the VALUE and the LIMIT of the FOR statement already on the top of the calculator stack.
A Code of the next character in the statement
FOR 07427 CP 205 Jump forward unless a 'STEP' is given.
07429 JR NZ,F_USE_1
07431 RST 32 Advance CH-ADD and fetch the value of the STEP.
07432 CALL CLASS_06
07435 CALL CHECK_END Move on to the next statement if checking syntax; otherwise jump forward.
There has not been a STEP supplied so the value '1' is to be used.
F_USE_1 07440 CALL CHECK_END Move on to the next statement if checking syntax.
07443 RST 40 Otherwise use the calculator to place a '1' on the calculator stack.
07444 DEFB 161 stk_one
07445 DEFB 56 end_calc
The three values on the calculator stack are the VALUE (v), the LIMIT (l) and the STEP (s). These values now have to be manipulated.
F_REORDER 07446 RST 40 v, l, s
07447 DEFB 192 st_mem_0: v, l, s (mem-0=s)
07448 DEFB 2 delete: v, l
07449 DEFB 1 exchange: l, v
07450 DEFB 224 get_mem_0: l, v, s
07451 DEFB 1 exchange: l, s, v
07452 DEFB 56 end_calc
A FOR control variable is now established and treated as a temporary calculator memory area.
07453 CALL LET The variable is found, or created if needed (v is used).
07456 LD (23656),HL Make it a 'memory area' by setting MEM.
The variable that has been found may be a simple numeric variable using only six locations in which case it will need extending.
07459 DEC HL Fetch the variable's single character name.
07460 LD A,(HL)
07461 SET 7,(HL) Ensure bit 7 of the name is set.
07463 LD BC,6 It will have six locations at least.
07466 ADD HL,BC Make HL point after them.
07467 RLCA Rotate the name and jump if it was already a FOR variable.
07468 JR C,F_L_S
07470 LD C,13 Otherwise create thirteen more locations.
07475 INC HL Again make HL point to the LIMIT position.
The initial values for the LIMIT and the STEP are now added.
F_L_S 07476 PUSH HL The pointer is saved.
07477 RST 40 l, s
07478 DEFB 2 delete: l
07479 DEFB 2 delete: -
07480 DEFB 56 end_calc: DE still points to 'l'
07481 POP HL The pointer is restored and both pointers exchanged.
07482 EX DE,HL
07483 LD C,10 The ten bytes of the LIMIT and the STEP are moved.
07485 LDIR
The looping line number and statement number are now entered.
07487 LD HL,(23621) The current line number (PPC).
07490 EX DE,HL Exchange the registers before adding the line number to the FOR control variable.
07491 LD (HL),E
07492 INC HL
07493 LD (HL),D
07494 LD D,(IY+13) The looping statement is always the next statement whether it exists or not (increment SUBPPC).
07497 INC D
07498 INC HL
07499 LD (HL),D
The NEXT_LOOP subroutine is called to test the possibility of a 'pass' and a return is made if one is possible; otherwise the statement after for FOR - NEXT loop has to be identified.
07500 CALL NEXT_LOOP Is a 'pass' possible?
07503 RET NC Return now if it is.
07504 LD B,(IY+56) Fetch the variable's name from STRLEN.
07507 LD HL,(23621) Copy the present line number (PPC) to NEWPPC.
07510 LD (23618),HL
07513 LD A,(23623) Fetch the current statement number (SUBPPC) and two's complement it.
07516 NEG
07518 LD D,A Transfer the result to the D register.
07519 LD HL,(23645) Fetch the current value of CH-ADD.
07522 LD E,243 The search will be for 'NEXT'.
Now a search is made in the program area, from the present point onwards, for the first occurrence of NEXT followed by the correct variable.
F_LOOP 07524 PUSH BC Save the variable's name.
07525 LD BC,(23637) Fetch the current value of NXTLIN.
07529 CALL LOOK_PROG The program area is now searched and BC will change with each new line examined.
07532 LD (23637),BC Upon return save the pointer at NXTLIN.
07536 POP BC Restore the variable's name.
07537 JR C,REPORT_I If there are no further NEXTs then give an error.
07539 RST 32 Advance past the NEXT that was found.
07540 OR 32 Allow for upper and lower case letters before the new variable name is tested.
07542 CP B
07543 JR Z,F_FOUND Jump forward if it matches.
07545 RST 32 Advance CH-ADD again and jump back if not the correct variable.
07546 JR F_LOOP
NEWPPC holds the line number of the line in which the correct NEXT was found. Now the statement number has to be found and stored in NSPPC.
F_FOUND 07548 RST 32 Advance CH-ADD.
07549 LD A,1 The statement counter in the D register counted statements back from zero so it has to be subtracted from '1'.
07551 SUB D
07552 LD (23620),A The result is stored in NSPPC.
07555 RET Now return - to STMT_RET.
Report I - FOR without NEXT.
REPORT_I 07556 RST 8 Call the error handling routine.
07557 DEFB 17
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