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The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called via a calculator literal (192 to 197) by the routines at BEEP, FOR, NEXT, CIRCLE, DRAW, CD_PRMS1, DEC_TO_FP, e_to_fp, PRINT_FP, series, n_mod_m, int, exp and get_argt.
This subroutine is called using the literals 192 to 197 and the parameter derived from these literals is held in the A register. This subroutine is very similar to get_mem but the source and destination pointers are exchanged.
A Index of the required memory area (0 to 5)
HL Source address
st_mem 13357 PUSH HL Save the result pointer.
13358 EX DE,HL Source to DE briefly.
13359 LD HL,(23656) Fetch the pointer to the current memory area (MEM).
13362 CALL LOC_MEM The base address is found.
13365 EX DE,HL Exchange source and destination pointers.
13366 CALL duplicate The five bytes are moved.
13369 EX DE,HL 'Last value'+5, i.e. STKEND, to DE.
13370 POP HL Result pointer to HL.
13371 RET Finished.
Note that the pointers HL and DE remain as they were, pointing to STKEND-5 and STKEND respectively, so that the 'last value' remains on the calculator stack. If required it can be removed by using delete.
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