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5C3B: FLAGS - Various flags to control the BASIC system
Initialised by the routine at NEW, read by the routines at PROGNAME, PO_BACK_1, PO_ENTER, PO_STORE, PO_FETCH, PO_MSG, CL_SET, VAR_A_1, VAL_FET_1, NEXT_2NUM, CLASS_07, DEF_FN, PR_ITEM_1, INPUT, SYNTAX_Z, S_LETTER and LET, and updated by the routines at KEYBOARD, PO_TV_2, PO_ANY, PO_SCR, KEY_INPUT, MAIN_EXEC, CHAN_K, CHAN_S, CHAN_P, OUT_LINE, OUT_CURS, OUT_SP_2, LINE_SCAN, PAUSE, S_QUOTE, S_INKEY, S_DECIMAL, S_FN_SBRN, LOOK_VARS, STK_VAR, SLICING, KEY_DONE and val. This system variable is accessed by some routines via the IY register at IY+$01.
Bit Description
0 Leading space flag (set to suppress leading space)
1 Printer flag (set when printer in use)
2 Printer mode: K (reset) or L (set)
3 Keyboard mode: K (reset) or L (set)
4 Unused
5 Set when a new key has been pressed
6 Variable type flag: string (reset) or numeric (set)
7 Reset when checking syntax, set during execution
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