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3645: THE 'READ-IN' SUBROUTINE (offset +1A)
The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called indirectly via fp_calc_2.
This subroutine is called via the calculator offset (+5A) through the first line of S_INKEY. It appears to provide for the reading in of data through different streams from those available on the standard Spectrum. Like S_INKEY the subroutine returns a string.
read_in 3645 CALL FIND_INT1 The numerical parameter is compressed into the A register.
3648 CP $10 Is it smaller than 16?
364A JP NC,REPORT_B_2 If not, report the error.
364D LD HL,($5C51) The current channel address (CURCHL) is saved on the machine stack.
3650 PUSH HL
3651 CALL CHAN_OPEN The channel specified by the parameter is opened.
3654 CALL INPUT_AD The signal is now accepted, like a 'key-value'.
3657 LD BC,$0000 The default length of the resulting string is zero.
365A JR NC,R_I_STORE Jump if there was no signal.
365C INC C Set the length to 1 now.
365D RST $30 Make a space in the work space.
365E LD (DE),A Put the string into it.
R_I_STORE 365F CALL STK_STO Pass the parameters of the string to the calculator stack.
3662 POP HL Restore CURCHL and the appropriate flags.
3666 JP STK_PNTRS Exit, setting the pointers.
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