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35C9: THE 'CHR$' FUNCTION (offset +2F)
The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called indirectly via fp_calc_2.
This subroutine handles the function CHR$ X and creates a single character string in the work space.
chrs 35C9 CALL FP_TO_A The 'last value' is compressed into the A register.
35CC JR C,REPORT_B_4 Give the error report if X is greater than 255, or X is a negative number.
35D0 PUSH AF Save the compressed value of X.
35D1 LD BC,$0001 Make one space available in the work space.
35D4 RST $30
35D5 POP AF Fetch the value.
35D6 LD (DE),A Copy the value to the work space.
35D7 CALL STK_STO Pass the parameters of the new string to the calculator stack.
35DA EX DE,HL Reset the pointers.
35DB RET Finished.
Report B - Integer out of range.
REPORT_B_4 35DC RST $08 Call the error handling routine.
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