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Used by the routine at S_SCREEN.
This subroutine is used to find the character that appears at line x, column y of the screen. It only searches the character set 'pointed to' by CHARS.
Note: this is normally the characters +20 (space) to +7F (©) although the user can alter CHARS to match for other characters, including user-defined graphics.
S_SCRN_S 2535 CALL STK_TO_BC x to C, y to B; 0<=x<=23; 0<=y<=31.
2538 LD HL,($5C36) CHARS plus +0100 gives HL pointing to the character set.
253B LD DE,$0100
253F LD A,C x is copied to A.
2540 RRCA The number 32*(x mod 8)+y is formed in A and copied to E. This is the low byte of the required screen address.
2541 RRCA
2542 RRCA
2543 AND $E0
2545 XOR B
2546 LD E,A
2547 LD A,C x is copied to A again.
2548 AND $18 Now the number 64+8*INT (x/8) is inserted into D. DE now holds the screen address.
254A XOR $40
254C LD D,A
254D LD B,$60 B counts the 96 characters.
S_SCRN_LP 254F PUSH BC Save the count.
2550 PUSH DE And the screen pointer.
2551 PUSH HL And the character set pointer.
2552 LD A,(DE) Get first row of screen character.
2553 XOR (HL) Match with row from character set.
2554 JR Z,S_SC_MTCH Jump if direct match found.
2556 INC A Now test for match with inverse character (get +00 in A from +FF).
2557 JR NZ,S_SCR_NXT Jump if neither match found.
2559 DEC A Restore +FF to A.
S_SC_MTCH 255A LD C,A Inverse status (+00 or +FF) to C.
255B LD B,$07 B counts through the other 7 rows.
S_SC_ROWS 255D INC D Move DE to next row (add +0100).
255E INC HL Move HL to next row (i.e. next byte).
255F LD A,(DE) Get the screen row.
2560 XOR (HL) Match with row from the ROM.
2561 XOR C Include the inverse status.
2562 JR NZ,S_SCR_NXT Jump if row fails to match.
2564 DJNZ S_SC_ROWS Jump back till all rows done.
2566 POP BC Discard character set pointer.
2567 POP BC And screen pointer.
2568 POP BC Final count to BC.
2569 LD A,$80 Last character code in set plus one.
256B SUB B A now holds required code.
256C LD BC,$0001 One space is now needed in the work space.
256F RST $30 Make the space.
2570 LD (DE),A Put the character into it.
2571 JR S_SCR_STO Jump to stack the character.
S_SCR_NXT 2573 POP HL Restore character set pointer.
2574 LD DE,$0008 Move it on 8 bytes, to the next character in the set.
2577 ADD HL,DE
2578 POP DE Restore the screen pointer.
2579 POP BC And the counter.
257A DJNZ S_SCRN_LP Loop back for the 96 characters.
257C LD C,B Stack the empty string (length zero).
S_SCR_STO 257D JP STK_STO Jump to stack the matching character, or the null string if no match is found.
Note: this exit, via STK_STO, is a mistake as it leads to 'double storing' of the string result (see S_STRING). The instruction line should be 'RET'.
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