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Used by the routines at ED_DOWN and LIST.
This subroutine is entered with the HL register pair addressing a system variable - S-TOP or E-PPC.
The subroutine returns with the system variable holding the line number of the following line.
LN_FETCH 190F LD E,(HL) The line number held by the system variable is collected.
1910 INC HL
1911 LD D,(HL)
1912 PUSH HL The pointer is saved.
1913 EX DE,HL The line number is moved to the HL register pair and incremented.
1914 INC HL
1915 CALL LINE_ADDR The address of the start of this line is found, or the next line if the actual line number is not being used.
1918 CALL LINE_NO The number of that line is fetched.
191B POP HL The pointer to the system variable is restored.
This entry point is used by the routine at ED_UP.
LN_STORE 191C BIT 5,(IY+$37) Return if in 'INPUT mode' (bit 5 of FLAGX set).
1920 RET NZ
1921 LD (HL),D Otherwise proceed to enter the line number into the two locations of the system variable.
1922 DEC HL
1923 LD (HL),E
1924 RET Return when it has been done.
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