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Used by the routines at KEYBOARD and S_INKEY.
This subroutine is entered with the 'main code' in the E register, the value of FLAGS in the D register, the value of MODE in the C register and the 'shift byte' in the B register.
By considering these four values and referring, as necessary, to the six key tables a 'final code' is produced. This is returned in the A register.
B Shift key pressed (24 or 39), or 255 if no shift key pressed
E Main code (from the main key table)
A Final code (from the key tables)
K_DECODE 00819 LD A,E Copy the 'main code'.
00820 CP 58 Jump forward if a digit key is being considered; also SPACE, ENTER and both shifts.
00822 JR C,K_DIGIT
00824 DEC C Decrement the MODE value.
00825 JP M,K_KLC_LET Jump forward, as needed, for modes 'K', 'L', 'C' and 'E'.
00828 JR Z,K_E_LET
Only 'graphics' mode remains and the 'final code' for letter keys in graphics mode is computed from the 'main code'.
00830 ADD A,79 Add the offset.
00832 RET Return with the 'final code'.
Letter keys in extended mode are considered next.
K_E_LET 00833 LD HL,491 The base address for table 'b'.
00836 INC B Jump forward to use this table if neither shift key is being pressed.
00837 JR Z,K_LOOK_UP
00839 LD HL,517 Otherwise use the base address for table 'c'.
Key tables 'b-f' are all served by the following look-up routine. In all cases a 'final code' is found and returned.
K_LOOK_UP 00842 LD D,0 Clear the D register.
00844 ADD HL,DE Index the required table and fetch the 'final code'.
00845 LD A,(HL)
00846 RET Then return.
Letter keys in 'K', 'L' or 'C' modes are now considered. But first the special SYMBOL SHIFT codes have to be dealt with.
K_KLC_LET 00847 LD HL,553 The base address for table 'e'.
00850 BIT 0,B Jump back if using the SYMBOL SHIFT key and a letter key.
00852 JR Z,K_LOOK_UP
00854 BIT 3,D Jump forward if currently in 'K' mode.
00858 BIT 3,(IY+48) If CAPS LOCK is set (bit 3 of FLAGS2 set) then return with the 'main code'.
00862 RET NZ
00863 INC B Also return in the same manner if CAPS SHIFT is being pressed.
00864 RET NZ
00865 ADD A,32 However if lower case codes are required then 32 has to be added to the 'main code' to give the correct 'final code'.
00867 RET
The 'final code' values for tokens are found by adding 165 to the 'main code'.
K_TOKENS 00868 ADD A,165 Add the required offset and return.
00870 RET
Next the digit keys, SPACE, ENTER and both shifts are considered.
K_DIGIT 00871 CP "0" Proceed only with the digit keys, i.e. return with SPACE (32), ENTER (13) and both shifts (14).
00873 RET C
00874 DEC C Now separate the digit keys into three groups - according to the mode.
00875 JP M,K_KLC_DGT Jump with 'K', 'L' and 'C' modes, and also with 'G' mode. Continue with 'E' mode.
00880 LD HL,596 The base address for table 'f'.
00883 BIT 5,B Use this table for SYMBOL SHIFT and a digit key in extended mode.
00885 JR Z,K_LOOK_UP
00887 CP "8" Jump forward with digit keys '8' and '9'.
00889 JR NC,K_8_9
The digit keys '0' to '7' in extended mode are to give either a 'paper colour code' or an 'ink colour code' depending on the use of CAPS SHIFT.
00891 SUB 32 Reduce the range 48 to 55 giving 16 to 23.
00893 INC B Return with this 'paper colour code' if CAPS SHIFT is not being used.
00894 RET Z
00895 ADD A,8 But if it is then the range is to be 24 to 31 instead - indicating an 'ink colour code'.
00897 RET
The digit keys '8' and '9' are to give 'BRIGHT' and 'FLASH' codes.
K_8_9 00898 SUB 54 56 and 57 go to 2 and 3.
00900 INC B Return with these codes if CAPS SHIFT is not being used. (These are 'BRIGHT' codes.)
00901 RET Z
00902 ADD A,254 Subtract '2' if CAPS SHIFT is being used; giving 0 and 1 (as 'FLASH' codes).
00904 RET
The digit keys in graphics mode are to give the block graphic characters (128 to 143), the GRAPHICS code (15) and the DELETE code (12).
K_GRA_DGT 00905 LD HL,560 The base address of table 'd'.
00908 CP "9" Use this table directly for both digit key '9' that is to give GRAPHICS, and digit key '0' that is to give DELETE.
00910 JR Z,K_LOOK_UP
00912 CP "0"
00914 JR Z,K_LOOK_UP
00916 AND 7 For keys '1' to '8' make the range 128 to 135.
00918 ADD A,128
00920 INC B Return with a value from this range if neither shift key is being pressed.
00921 RET Z
00922 XOR 15 But if 'shifted' make the range 136 to 143.
00924 RET
Finally consider the digit keys in 'K', 'L' and 'C' modes.
K_KLC_DGT 00925 INC B Return directly if neither shift key is being used. (Final codes 48 to 57.)
00926 RET Z
00927 BIT 5,B Use table 'd' if the CAPS SHIFT key is also being pressed.
00929 LD HL,560
The codes for the various digit keys and SYMBOL SHIFT can now be found.
00934 SUB 16 Reduce the range to give 32 to 41.
00936 CP 34 Separate the '@' character from the others.
00938 JR Z,K_AT_CHAR
00940 CP 32 The '_' character has also to be separated.
00942 RET NZ Return now with the 'final codes' 33, 35 to 41.
00943 LD A,"_" Give the '_' character a code of 95.
00945 RET
K_AT_CHAR 00946 LD A,"@" Give the '@' character a code of 64.
00948 RET
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