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Used by the routine at MAIN_EXEC.
This subroutine allows for a new BASIC line to be added to the existing BASIC program in the program area. If a line has both an old and a new version then the old one is 'reclaimed'. A new line that consists of only a line number does not go into the program area.
BC BASIC line number
MAIN_ADD 05469 LD (23625),BC Make the new line number the 'current line' (E-PPC).
05473 LD HL,(23645) Fetch CH-ADD and save the address in DE.
05476 EX DE,HL
05477 LD HL,5461 Push the address of REPORT_G on to the machine stack. ERR-SP will now point to REPORT_G.
05480 PUSH HL
05481 LD HL,(23649) Fetch WORKSP.
05484 SCF Find the length of the line from after the line number to the 'carriage return' character inclusively.
05485 SBC HL,DE
05487 PUSH HL Save the length.
05488 LD H,B Move the line number to the HL register pair.
05489 LD L,C
05490 CALL LINE_ADDR Is there an existing line with this number?
05493 JR NZ,MAIN_ADD1 Jump if there was not.
05495 CALL NEXT_ONE Find the length of the 'old' line and reclaim it.
MAIN_ADD1 05501 POP BC Fetch the length of the 'new' line and jump forward if it is only a 'line number and a carriage return'.
05502 LD A,C
05503 DEC A
05504 OR B
05505 JR Z,MAIN_ADD2
05507 PUSH BC Save the length.
05508 INC BC Four extra locations will be needed, i.e. two for the number and two for the length.
05509 INC BC
05510 INC BC
05511 INC BC
05512 DEC HL Make HL point to the location before the 'destination'.
05513 LD DE,(23635) Save the current value of PROG to avoid corruption when adding a first line.
05517 PUSH DE
05518 CALL MAKE_ROOM Space for the new line is created.
05521 POP HL The old value of PROG is fetched and restored.
05522 LD (23635),HL
05525 POP BC A copy of the line length (without parameters) is taken.
05526 PUSH BC
05527 INC DE Make DE point to the end location of the new area and HL to the 'carriage return' character of the new line in the editing area (WORKSP-2).
05528 LD HL,(23649)
05531 DEC HL
05532 DEC HL
05533 LDDR Now copy over the line.
05535 LD HL,(23625) Fetch the line's number (E_PPC).
05538 EX DE,HL Destination into HL and number into DE.
05539 POP BC Fetch the new line's length.
05540 LD (HL),B The high length byte.
05541 DEC HL
05542 LD (HL),C The low length byte.
05543 DEC HL
05544 LD (HL),E The low line number byte.
05545 DEC HL
05546 LD (HL),D The high line number byte.
MAIN_ADD2 05547 POP AF Drop the address of REPORT_G.
05548 JP MAIN_EXEC Jump back and this time do produce an automatic listing.
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