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Used by the routines at PO_SCR, CLS, CL_ALL, ED_COPY, CHAN_S, CLASS_07, CLASS_09, LPRINT, PLOT and DRAW.
This is a most important subroutine. It is used whenever the 'permanent' details are required to be copied to the 'temporary' system variables. First ATTR-T and MASK-T are considered.
TEMPS 03405 XOR A A is set to hold 0.
03406 LD HL,(23693) The current values of ATTR-P and MASK-P are fetched.
03409 BIT 0,(IY+2) Jump forward if handing the main part of the screen (bit 0 of TV-FLAG reset).
03413 JR Z,TEMPS_1
03415 LD H,A Otherwise use 0 and the value in BORDCR instead.
03416 LD L,(IY+14)
TEMPS_1 03419 LD (23695),HL Now set ATTR-T and MASK-T.
Next P-FLAG is considered.
03422 LD HL,23697 This is P-FLAG.
03425 JR NZ,TEMPS_2 Jump forward if dealing with the lower part of the screen (A=0).
03427 LD A,(HL) Otherwise fetch the value of P-FLAG and move the odd bits to the even bits.
03428 RRCA
TEMPS_2 03429 XOR (HL) Proceed to copy the even bits of A to P-FLAG.
03430 AND %01010101
03432 XOR (HL)
03433 LD (HL),A
03434 RET
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