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Used by the routines at SA_BYTES and LD_BYTES.
This subroutine is common to both saving and loading.
The border is set to its original colour and the BREAK key tested for a last time.
F Carry flag reset if there was a loading error
SA_LD_RET 01343 PUSH AF Save the carry flag. (It is reset after a loading error.)
01344 LD A,(23624) Fetch the original border colour from its system variable (BORDCR).
01347 AND 56
01349 RRCA Move the border colour to bits 2, 1 and 0.
01350 RRCA
01351 RRCA
01352 OUT (254),A Set the border to its original colour.
01354 LD A,127 Read the BREAK key for a last time.
01356 IN A,(254)
01358 RRA
01359 EI Enable the maskable interrupt.
01360 JR C,SA_LD_END Jump unless a break is to be made.
Report D - BREAK-CONT repeats.
01362 RST 8 Call the error handling routine.
01363 DEFB 12
Continue here.
SA_LD_END 01364 POP AF Retrieve the carry flag.
01365 RET Return to the calling routine.
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