comp.sys.sinclair FAQ


The summaries below are intended to provide a brief introduction to many of the original Sinclair and Timex Computers introduced throughout Europe and North America, with links to more detailed information where appropriate. A list of popular peripherals is also available. A very complete history of Sinclair Research and their products is available from Planet Sinclair.

Sinclair Computers:
Sinclair Research produced several different home computers, starting in the late 1970s and continuing into the middle/late 1980s (following the sale of rights to Amstrad PLC). The models covered immediately below are the most well-known or frequently discussed in comp.sys.sinclair - entries for the early systems (Science of Cambridge MK-14, ZX80, ZX81) and the other models (Quantum Leap, Cambridge Z88) will be expanded during later revisions. In the interim, please refer to the SinclairFAQ home page for links to further information regarding these systems.

Timex Computers:
Sinclair products were distributed throughout certain European and North America by Timex. In general, these machines were fully compatible with their UK equivalents, but some important alterations were made to suit the particular markets they were developed for which leads to some interesting differences, and some incompatibility. A list of models is given below, with key systems being more fully documented on the Timex reference page.