comp.sys.sinclair FAQ

BASIC Reference

There is an extensive discussion of Sinclair BASIC, including the history and development of the language, and various interpreters for different platforms at the Sinclair BASIC site.

Sinclair BASIC:
The Sinclair BASIC documentation.

TS1000 / TS1500 / ZX81:
The following commands are found exclusively on these models;

Timex BASIC:
Timex BASIC is a superset of Sinclair BASIC, with additional commands allowing access to the hardware features found on the Timex systems. Generally speaking, BASIC programs written for the ZX Spectrum will run on Timex machines without modification. The additional commands found in Timex BASIC are listed below:

Error Codes:
Both Sinclair and Timex BASICs have very effective error-trapping routines built-in, making it impossible to enter syntactically incorrect lines. Before the system will accept a program line, it must be well formed and formatted - it doesn't have to be logical, as long as it's structured correctly!

The following codes, found in Appendix B of the ZX Spectrum user manual, are displayed when a program encounters an error and cannot continue uninterrupted: