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Used by the routine at S_ATTR.
S_ATTR_S 09600 CALL STK_TO_BC x to C, y to B. Again, 0<=x<=23; 0<=y<=31.
09603 LD A,C x is copied to A and the number 32*(x mod 8)+y is formed in A. 32*(x mod 8)+INT (x/8) is also copied to C.
09604 RRCA
09605 RRCA
09606 RRCA
09607 LD C,A
09608 AND 224
09610 XOR B
09611 LD L,A L holds low byte of attribute address.
09612 LD A,C 32*(x mod 8)+INT (x/8) is copied to A.
09613 AND 3 88+INT (x/8) is formed in A.
09615 XOR 88
09617 LD H,A H holds high byte of attribute address.
09618 LD A,(HL) The attribute byte is copied to A.
09619 JP STACK_A Exit, stacking the required byte.
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