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Used by the routine at CLOSE.
The code of the channel associated with the stream being closed has to be 'K', 'S', or 'P'.
BC Offset from the stream data table (STRMS)
HL Address of the offset in the stream data table
CLOSE_2 05889 PUSH HL Save the address of the stream's data.
05890 LD HL,(23631) Fetch the base address of the channel information area (CHANS) and find the channel data for the stream being closed.
05893 ADD HL,BC
05894 INC HL Step past the subroutine addresses and pick up the code for that channel.
05895 INC HL
05896 INC HL
05897 LD C,(HL)
05898 EX DE,HL Save the pointer.
05899 LD HL,5910 The base address of the CLOSE stream look-up table.
05902 CALL INDEXER Index into this table and locate the required offset.
05905 LD C,(HL) Pass the offset to the BC register pair.
05906 LD B,0
05908 ADD HL,BC Jump to the appropriate routine.
05909 JP (HL)
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