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Used by the routines at ED_EDIT, str and read_in.
The routine at CHAN_OPEN continues here.
The appropriate flags for the different channels are set by this subroutine.
HL Base address of the channel (see CHINFO)
CHAN_FLAG 05653 LD (23633),HL The HL register pair holds the base address for a particular channel; set CURCHL accordingly.
05656 RES 4,(IY+48) Signal 'using other than channel 'K'' (reset bit 4 of FLAGS2).
05660 INC HL Step past the output and the input addresses and make HL point to the channel code.
05661 INC HL
05662 INC HL
05663 INC HL
05664 LD C,(HL) Fetch the code.
05665 LD HL,5677 The base address of the channel code look-up table.
05668 CALL INDEXER Index into this table and locate the required offset, but return if there is not a matching channel code.
05671 RET NC
05672 LD D,0 Pass the offset to the DE register pair.
05674 LD E,(HL)
05675 ADD HL,DE Point HL at the appropriate flag setting routine.
This entry point is used by the routine at OUT_CODE.
CALL_JUMP 05676 JP (HL) Jump to the routine.
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