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Used by the routine at MAIN_EXEC.
Each message is given with the last character inverted (plus 128).
REPORTS 05009 DEFB 128 Initial byte is stepped over.
05010 DEFM "O","K"+128 0 OK
05012 DEFM "NEXT without FO","R"+128 1 NEXT without FOR
05028 DEFM "Variable not foun","d"+128 2 Variable not found
05046 DEFM "Subscript wron","g"+128 3 Subscript wrong
05061 DEFM "Out of memor","y"+128 4 Out of memory
05074 DEFM "Out of scree","n"+128 5 Out of screen
05087 DEFM "Number too bi","g"+128 6 Number too big
05101 DEFM "RETURN without GOSU","B"+128 7 RETURN without GOSUB
05121 DEFM "End of fil","e"+128 8 End of file
05132 DEFM "STOP statemen","t"+128 9 STOP statement
05146 DEFM "Invalid argumen","t"+128 A Invalid argument
05162 DEFM "Integer out of rang","e"+128 B Integer out of range
05182 DEFM "Nonsense in BASI","C"+128 C Nonsense in BASIC
05199 DEFM "BREAK - CONT repeat","s"+128 D BREAK - CONT repeats
05219 DEFM "Out of DAT","A"+128 E Out of DATA
05230 DEFM "Invalid file nam","e"+128 F Invalid file name
05247 DEFM "No room for lin","e"+128 G No room for line
05263 DEFM "STOP in INPU","T"+128 H STOP in INPUT
05276 DEFM "FOR without NEX","T"+128 I FOR without NEXT
05292 DEFM "Invalid I/O devic","e"+128 J Invalid I/O device
05310 DEFM "Invalid colou","r"+128 K Invalid colour
05324 DEFM "BREAK into progra","m"+128 L BREAK into program
05342 DEFM "RAMTOP no goo","d"+128 M RAMTOP no good
05356 DEFM "Statement los","t"+128 N Statement lost
05370 DEFM "Invalid strea","m"+128 O Invalid stream
05384 DEFM "FN without DE","F"+128 P FN without DEF
05398 DEFM "Parameter erro","r"+128 Q Parameter error
05413 DEFM "Tape loading erro","r"+128 R Tape loading error
COMMA_SPC 05431 DEFM ","," "+128 ', '
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