Register and Data manipulation // POP


The top two bytes of the external memory last-in, first-out (LIFO) stack are popped to register pair qq. The Stack Pointer (SP) Register pair holds the 16-bit address of the current top of the Stack. This instruction first loads to the low-order portion of qq, the byte at the memory location corresponding to the contents of SP; then SP is incremented and the contents of the corresponding adjacent memory location are loaded to the high-order portion of qq and the SP is now incremented again. The operand qq identifies register pair BC, DE, HL, or AF, assembled as follows in the object code: Pair r BC 00 DE 01 HL 10 AF 11


If the Stack Pointer contains 1000h, memory location 1000h contains 55h, and location 1001h contains 33h, the instruction POP HL results in register pair HL containing 3355h, and the Stack Pointer containing 1002h.