xor l

Arithmetic // AND, OR, XOR

0xAD - u173


Bitwise XOR on a with l.

T States Bytes
4 1

Condition Bits Affected

S affected as defined
Z affected as defined
H reset
P/V detects parity
N reset
C reset

  "flags": {
    "S": "affected as defined",
    "Z": "affected as defined",
    "H": "reset",
    "P/V": "detects parity",
    "N": "reset",
    "C": "reset"
  "operation": "xor l",
  "opcode": "xor",
  "operand": [
  "code": "AD",
  "bytes": 1,
  "time": 4,
  "description": "Bitwise XOR on a with l.",
  "category": "Arithmetic",
  "subCategory": "AND, OR, XOR"