comp.sys.sinclair FAQ


Several modern magazines are available online, each covering a variety of different topics and areas of interest. Some are 'archive' sites for original publications, while some are independently written:

Many original Sinclair games have been remade for modern systems. In addition, there are a large number of 'fan' sites for particular game characters & series, playing tips, etc. Several companies still develop and sell original software, and others often have stock of used titles available. See the main FAQ page for details.

History & General interest:
These sites offer content that does not fit one of the above categories - they either focus on a particular theme, or cover a wide range of topics that will be of interest to users of all types:

Development Projects:
The Sinclair development community is very active, with many upgraded and expanded versions of the original software and firmware having been produced. Full ROM disassemblies have been produced, allowing you to creative control of how your original hardware or emulator behaves. The following represtents a small selection of completed or ongoing development projects - you will find details of many more related projects by following links from these sites:

Hardware Projects:
Many people still produce hardware expansions and countless more describe the various modifications that can be performed on original Sinclair hardware (at your own risk!) Please see the following sites for details of these projects: