comp.sys.sinclair FAQ

Emulators - Other Machines

The ZX Spectrum is, by far, the most widely emulated of all Sinclair machines. However, a number of other models are also emulated. This is a (short) list of Science of Cambridge MK-14, ZX80, ZX81 / TS1000, Sinclair QL and Jupiter ACE emulators available that may be of interest to you. For a more complete list, try this section of the Google Web Directory.

Please note that the emulators listed below are for MS-DOS / Microsoft Windows platforms unless stated otherwise. Commented ROM listings for the ZX80 and ZX81 (plus others) are available from Geoff Wearmouth, author of the SEA Change ROM.

Science of Cambridge MK-14:
There is 1 MK-14 emulator available:

There are 2 ZX80 emulators available:

ZX81 / TS1000
There are 3 ZX81 / TS1000 emulators available:

Sinclair QL:

Jupiter ACE:
There are 2 Jupiter Ace emulators available: